Terms of Use:

We at GROOMSMEN take your privacy seriously. We take the following steps to ensure your privacy:

  1. WE DON’T SHARE YOUR INFORMATION. GROOMSMEN will not share your information with arbitrary third parties.  Only our staff, your employer, and any government agency who legally requires us to produce the data will have access to this data.
  1. UNSOLICITED EMAILS. GROOMSMEN, for example, receive email reminders of appointments you have made, or reminders to set up an appointment if you request them. We will not include marketing from third parties in any GROOMSMEN emails. GROOMSMEN may, from time to time, send out marketing material, such as discount offers, to the employees of the companies we serve. This will only be done in full cooperation with, and under direction from, your employer. GROOMSMEN also reserves the right to send customer satisfaction surveys to our customers. We believe this minor intrusion is necessary for us to continuously improve the quality of our services.
  1. EMPLOYER STATISTICS. The companies that allow GROOMSMEN to bring our service to their employees need to evaluate the effectiveness of our service. GROOMSMEN will, at your employer’s request, provide statistical data about our business. Your employer may, for example, want to know how many employees use our service on a regular basis. We may also share names, emails, or other identifying information with your employer as they use this data to construct evaluation lists and questionnaires for use in evaluating our services.
  1. COMPLY WITH THE LAW. GROOMSMEN  will comply with any legally enforceable request for information.
  1. SUBJECT TO CHANGE. This privacy policy is subject to change at any time.