Ms. Kala Daniel

Founder and CEO Ms. Kala Dawn Daniel was raised by her grandparents, born in the early 1900s, who owned and operated a salon and barbershop. They were also insurance agents and owned rental property.

Ms. Daniel was active in her grandparents’ business and business affairs, which helped cultivate her industriousness and zeal. Ms. Daniel is an entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in the health and beauty industry that spans areas such as salon management, home health care management, franchise operations, and retail sales. Her experience also extends to market analysis, organization and management, marketing and sales, funding requests, and financial planning. In addition, Ms. Daniel maintains quality mentorship relationships that have had powerful and positive effects on her personal and professional development.

Ms. Daniel has consistently achieved high goals of personal success in her previous roles: she owned a salon from 1997 to 1999 that grossed approximately $250k in service sales; she served as franchisee and owner/operator of a home health care agency franchise from 2005 to 2012 that grossed approximately $350k; and she met or exceeded sales goals as the cosmetics business manager for Clinique, with a Belk counter volume of $550k. Ms. Daniel will strive to continue that standard of performance in this new venture. The transition from franchisee or employee to founder and CEO will undoubtedly provide her with even more motivation to succeed.

Her length and depth of experience give Ms. Daniel a thorough understanding of the industry and what it takes to become a successful competitor. Given that she has built the foundation for GROOMSMEN and identified a specific target market that will be most productive, the new company is well positioned to succeed.

Ms. Dawn Daniel is the 100-percent owner of the company and CEO. As owner and CEO, she will serve from a staffing perspective as one of the company’s two salespeople and its operations manager. The operation manager’s primary function is to ensure that the company consistently exceeds service targets, including gross sales totals and gross profit margins.

The operations manager is responsible for all facets of running the day-to-day operations in a given on-site or mobile location. Day-to-day operation is from Sunday to Saturday and includes services before, during, and after work hours. Depending on various circumstances, hours of operation may vary. Specifically, the manager’s duties include oversight of on-site and mobile platform operations, ensuring that customers are satisfied, managing employee schedules and performance, and ensuring the business’s profitability.

The manager will also conduct GROOMSMEN-specific training, instruction, and professional development. The operations manager will conduct client consultations and hair and beard product sales demonstrations for customers and will supervise any additional staff in the completion of the above-mentioned functions. The operations manager will also develop product retail marketing for the on-site and mobile platform locations by setting up events in the local trade area and by holding on-site classes on hair and beard care, nutrition, and product demonstrations.

Ms. Daniel will consult with her management team and business advisors on functions including advertisement and marketing as well as the location of subsequent on-site and mobile platform operation opportunities. She will lead the group in ongoing training and support for acquiring skills in locking the customer in through an understanding of the following: individual level of decision making, consumer decision process, the cost to switching to GROOMSMEN, and customer retention. These elements are beneficial in planning, marketing, and increased revenue. Ms. Daniel will also serve as the liaison between GROOMSMEN and the company’s professional accounting firm. Ms. Daniel will provide supervisory oversight to the entire business.

Degree: Bachelor MCJ, A.S.
Licenses: Cosmetology, Makeup Artistry
Certifications: CAP, MA, ETC, CPT, CNA