The Best On-Site Haircut Platform Service Available in Atlanta

The benefit of GROOMSMEN is that we come to you, wherever you are. Also, we offer our on-site haircut services to a number of businesses in the metro-Atlanta area. Including Class A office complexes, multi-family communities, human resources departments, event venues, and your personal home or office.

With GROOMSMEN, you can bring one of the best licensed and trained Master Cosmetologists and Barbers on-site to help you, your tenants, or your employees look and feel their best.

We Provide Strategic Integration with Your Company When We Provide On-site Haircuts

Certainly, some partnerships are more work than they’re worth. However, this isn’t the case with GROOMSMEN. Therefore, when you form a relationship with us, we take our partnership with you very seriously. Also, we treat you with the utmost respect. Because as one of metro Atlanta’s premier on-site haircuts and mobile salon and barbershop company, we build strategic relationships with property management offices, human resource departments, event planners and individuals.

Our partnership includes scheduling and communications development. As a result, this allows you to more easily get the word out to your employees or tenants about our on-site haircut service. Consequently, our communications include emails, fliers, message board postings and other materials that promote our partnership.


We come to your space and set up our on-site haircut services wherever it’s most convenient for you. Even more, our licensed and trained Master Cosmetologists and Barbers, known as Grooming Consultants, offer the best customer experience in Atlanta. Also, we offer hot towel shaves, mustache and beard grooming, manicures and pedicures, and shoe shines.

So when you’re looking for on-site haircut service to really wow your audience, trust in GROOMSMEN.

Our On-site Platform and Professional Licensed and Trained Grooming Consultants-

  • Create a favorable Class A detached amenity
  • Respect Class A culture
  • Have a clear market presence
  • Provide our certificate of insurance and additional insured
  • Provide accessibility and convenience
  • Helpful to either office workers or office tenants
  • Have high-quality standards
  • Assist with marketing interoffice communication
  • Provide active on-site presence
  • Provide continuity
  • Are part of a diverse staff and customer base

To work with GROOMSMEN for your next memorable pop up salon or barbershop event, use the contact form on the right. GROOMSMEN founder Kala Daniel will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss how we can make your event even better.


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