Our Green Thumb

GROOMSMEN On-Site Haircuts Mobile Hair Salon & Barbershop Co. can help lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating your need to travel. We bring a suite of salon and barber amenities to your location, such as haircuts, hairstyling, bang trims, hot towel shaves, mustache and beard trims, manicures, pedicures, shoe shines, and much more.

Environmental Protection Agency
Through voluntary programs and standards that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote flexibility, and sustain a strong economy, the Environmental Protection Agency is making a sound judgment in addressing climate change.

Since 2014, GROOMSMEN On-Site Haircuts Mobile Hair Salon & Barbershop Co. has partnered with the EPA to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut wasted energy, and save time and money.

Everyone can play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Becoming educated about the issues is the first step in protecting our planet for future generations.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Activities such as burning fossil fuels for energy are linked to the climbing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases in our atmosphere. We are already experiencing effects of climate change such as increased temperature, shifting snow and rainfall patterns, and extreme climate events such as record high temperatures and heavy rainstorms.

Many of our daily activities—such as disposing of waste, driving cars, and using electricity—cause greenhouse gas emissions. Combined, these emissions make up a household’s carbon footprint.

The EPA, businesses, and individuals all have significant roles to play. We can reduce the intensity of the consequences of climate change by taking action to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas pollution that warms our planet.

What You Can Do to Reduce Your Emissions on the Road
The following emissions factors are based on the EPA’s estimate of the average annual emissions and fuel consumption for gasoline-fueled passenger cars and light trucks in the United States.

Cost savings for reducing the number of miles driven can be calculated using the rate of 20 cents per mile, which includes the costs of gas, oil, and maintenance. 1

Properly inflating tires increases fuel efficiency by 3 percent, and keeping your engine properly tuned improves fuel efficiency by 4 percent. 2

Performing regular maintenance on your vehicles increases fuel efficiency by 7 percent. 3

Cost savings for purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle can be calculated using the rate of $3.68 per gallon of gas. 4

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